You are Saved? What Have You Lacked?

Many a times
Many a world’s cycle
The question is put forth
‘You are a Christian? You are born again?’
‘You are very young, What have you lacked?’
The question is then sealed with an answer
Or an affirmation of course
‘Enjoy life! Else you will later regret.’
Wait… Am I the sane person here?
Or am I the supernatural being
Belittling myself with shallow minds?
A sovereign God, made a relative man
An ultimate being created the simple man
Gave him everything on earth and a choice
But… His intention was not
For him to sin knowingly
Should I depart from the love?
Simply because am young?
Should I sin, wallowing in wild acts?
In the name of having fun?
Should I enjoy the world while am young
So that I do not regret in my old age?
Does it make me a lesser person
Or lacking, by clinging to my faith?
I am not lacking but you are
I am not in need but you are
As you have not experienced the love
The peace and joy and happiness
The fearless soul that urges
‘Come on Devil, you can do better.’
You haven’t experienced the self
That is willing to do everything
And anything in His name
Because I know I will never fail
What would you be daring to do
In your OWN strength?
So who is lacking between us?



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