Who Shares Their Dark Side?

Everyone is just perfect on their feed
With timelines filled with sweet notes
And words of praise and masterly
Everyone is clean and has done good
But ‘other’ people let them down

Everyone is on the right, just
With no dot of evil in them
Everyone speaks of haters
But no one claims to be one
Because every good occasion
Is captioned with famous quotes
And attributed to God Almighty

Well, unlike them am not perfect
For quite a while I have been evil
I have been angry with all my friends
Let alone those I dislike
I have pushed people away
Though constantly slapping me with love
I have been insensitive to others
I have spoken words that hurt others
I have attributed all my successes to myself
I have preached water and drank wine
I have been proud and degraded others
And yes I have murdered tons in my brain

I have done much worse in life
And made so many mistakes
I have been dirty in my ways
I have been sexual immoral and treacherous
But one thing that makes me different from the ‘perfect’
Is that I have never justified my bad to be good
And that is why I need a savior
Who hugs the lost and broken like me
Who handles all my weaknesses and imperfections
So, you who claim to be angels on earth
You who show us that people are against you
And that you have done so much and all went in vain
Are you in need of a savior?
Or are you your own gods?



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