Where is Love?

Sometimes I feel unloved
Maybe segregated from the world
Or abolished from life’s stream
When I see the streams of posts
Captioned on friends’ social stream
I ponder on how unfortunate my life is
And how other people’s lives
Are greater than mine

I have hated myself by comparing
Others’ lives to mine
I have doubted God by the fact
That other peoples’ light outshines mine
I thought I was deprived of love
Forgetting that He is love
That He will be with me to the end of time
And that my lantern is not directly proportional
To the love I get or give

I learnt that
My status in life does not determine how happy I live
And how my light shines doesn’t create a variance
On how clear I see or how wide my smile is
Light is something I emanate
But love is something I get
Well, someone said
If you are looking for love
Go home and love your family



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