When You Ain’t A Someone

When you ain’t a someone
From the road they will shove
From the set they will push
Concentrating you into this camp
Forcing you into self-deprivation
Of love, peace and happiness
They would want to lower your esteem
As you have nothing, a pauper
Who has no power or influence
Simply because you don’t dress to the nines
And don’t sip the fabulous wine
Because your tatters make you odd
A cold soul with misery untold
You will be undermined and disregarded
A disgrace to the lot
Who claim to crown the space
And glimmer the environment
So who are you?
A worthless piece to the eyes of man?
So whom do you please?
The same being, limited as you?
You are worth more than emarald, silver or gold
You are worth more than beautiful scenery
You are worth more than all that make the world
As you have dominion over them
Then who shall seperate you from the love of Christ?
Is is hate, scorn or jeer?
Is it jeopardy created by man?
Know who you are, know your worth
As He will wipe every tear that rolls



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