When God Blesses You

When God blesses you
When He uplifts you
When He sets you apart
For greatness and power
When He favours you
When He opens His floodgates
He adds no painful toil

When He creates a bounty harvest
Crowning you with every good and perfect gift
He adds no blemish to it
When He crowns you with beauty
When He shields you with love
And harnesses His protection on you
He yokes you to a life worthy
Of peace, happiness and understanding

God’s gifts are irrevocable
He doesn’t take them back even in sin
He doesn’t make them sway with the wave
Nor strips them off in our wrongdoing
It is our task to remember our days of gloom
The days our knees ached in prayer
The days our eyes bled in worship
Asking for all that comes from above
And put our gifts to Godly use



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