What Matters?

It really matters if you appear
On the front cover of a popular magazine
You become the face of the day
And everyone shines grace unto you
It really matters if you serve in church
Your dress of the outerworld make you glimmer
And baffles many, they want to be like you
They also yearn to serve
But inside, are you what they see?
The eloquent and elegant pure being?
It really matters if you are highlighted on Tv
And your success story runs for days
And people will change their view of you
And people will drop their titles of you
It really matters if you have a following
On your social platform
Because you have a say
And numbers count, souls don’t
It really matters if you get those likes
And those comments of praise
It really matters when people recognize you
As that singer, that celebrity or writer
And in yourself you become a god
A deity where those who look upto you
Divert their attention from Him to you
A finite, relative creature that rots in evil
Should it really matter?
When blogs and billboards praise you?
Which book do you want your name in?
The Nobel, the Guiness, the Hall of Fame
Or the book of life?



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