What Makes Me Me?

Sometimes I think am Siloma maybe because am of light complexion
Other times I think maybe it is because am a writer and I do the things I do
Sometimes I think my career defines me
Or maybe my background is why I exist
And have the traits and character bound to me

I thought I was nothing and God is everything
And I have no link to Him whatsoever as He chooses to do what he does regardless
I thought I was a creature brought to this world by chance
An effect of the big bang and there I was
In my finite thinking, I thought am no less of other creatures, the wild and trees
As am bound to die once I exhaust my life meter

It was not until I knew Him
That I understood his entire plan for me
To fellowship with Him, to be close to Him and to be bound by this string that attaches me to Him
It was not until I knew Him
That I knew am more than any other creature
That I have jurisdiction over them
And He sent His son to die over my sins
He became sin for me, allowing me to cast my burdens unto Him, to be made whole again
So, what makes me me?
Simple.. Him



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