What is Left to Offer?

If I were to give a sacrifice of my sins
Wealth, possessions or even souls
How much will I lose?
How many souls would perish?
In the name of appeasing the gods?

I sin daily, deliberately and willingly
I vehemently want to erect more crosses
Nailing He who died for me
Until there is no more sacrifice of sin left
How I take advantage of my fallen nature
How I lick the blood that drips from my lips
Makes me a creature not just short of His glory
But one that yearns to cut short His glory

What more is left for the sacrifice of my sins?
If He, God, one infinite, one sovereign
Became sin for me and sacrificed His son for me?
What more is left to offer
If I deliberately put Him on the cross
And this time crossing my fingers that He doesn’t resurrect?
What more is left to offer
If I proclaim myself God, make my own rules and follow my own ways
Forgetting the very fact that like a child afraid of the dark
I run to Him when tragedy strikes and am not in luck
Tell me, what more?