What if?

I have asked you for everything in life
Wealth, health and a sane mind
Beautiful wife and kids and holidays to unwind
I have asked for opened deals, straightened paths and non-crooked ways
I have vehemently prayed for success and prosperity
And that the devil should have no portion of me

What if I now focus unto you?
What if my needs were encapsulated into one?
To worship you? To interact with your triune divinity?
What if I forgot all that bothered me? My challenges and setbacks?
What if I for once never cared about what tommorrow will bring nor how the birds will sing?
What if I abandoned my needs and quit reminding you of them?
What if I focussed on uplifting your name and giving you your place?
Knowing that we are conjoined
Such that when I uplift you, I get uplifted too?
That when I give you your place, you will give me mine too?
What if I understood that there is no me without you?