What I See Around

What I see around
Makes my head pound
Deafening my ears, silent, no sound
I see kids flaunting wealth
Everyone on social platform is well up
Smiling and tagged on best captions
They seem visionary, perfect with their lives

They go to the best bars and events
As my thick old Bible goes with me
Whenever I go to those Bible Study sessions
They wear the best clothes
And have the fanciest of items
Leaving me perplexed
Did God forsake me?

Then He reminds me to look in hearts
And forget seeing what is around
At heart these people are troubled
Broken vessels who really need God
Deep at heart they try to please others
Just to show that they are a someone
No wonder they look so great in my eyes

He reminds you not to be swayed by the worldly
He reminds you that what you have is enough
He reminds you that peace is better than wealth
And constantly affirms His timing is the best
Where you will not strive to show it to the world
But make it a better place
Let not what you see around
Intimidate you
Not everything is good is beneficial



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