Wait… Can I Do it Too?

You are very much talented, they say
Endowed with gifts a few possess, they add
I wish I were like you, brilliant and quick to learn
I wish I were an eagle, strong with talons, sharp in sight
I wish I were bold, able to stand my course and do my thing
I wish I never cared what others would say about me
That I am a wannabe and am trying stuff to please
I wish I were able to resist the fences put forth
By my very own self
The fences of ‘I can’t’ and ‘Am not that good’
I wish I were able to just break from this cocoon
That makes me think am inadequate
I wish I just had an inch of courage
To boldly say that I will and no one will stop me
I wish I had the same will just as you
Unshakable and unmovable, beyond all odds
I wish I never quit on things fast enough
I wish…. I just wish

But when will you stop wishing?
When will you stop clogging your brain
With stuff that don’t really matter?
When will you focus on value addition?
Rather than value negation?
When will you stop to please?
To show others what you have?
Rather than what you are made of
And what virtues you hold?
I cannot steal zeal from you
I cannot steal what God has placed in you
But you can steal it from yourself
By fearing things that will NEVER happen
And thinking of things that NEVER really matter
If I had quit, you will not be reading this
So quit wishing and start doing



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