Void Reverberation

Sometimes reaching you is a puzzle
A jigsaw with missing pieces
At most times I do not understand
The smoke from my burning self
What caused the fire?
My sins or generations before me?
Sometimes I let myself loose
I ask you to reveal yourself
But like a rebounding ball
My words bounce back in higher frequencies
Sometimes I doubt my faith
I ask myself, ‘What if all this is a fake?’
Do I suffer the wrongs of others?
Am I repaying a debt?
Has trouble made me an ally?
Has struggle clinged to my walk?
Has the light paved way for the dark?
Affirming that it will never dawn?
God, all these I cannot understand
And you don’t owe me an explanation
The patterns and series of events I cannot fathom
But give me courage to face whatever is to come
Give me wisdom to react to my reflexes
Search and dig through me
Reinforcing the armor in my weaknesses
Most of all, let your will be done
And do not let me lose my faith
Nor the reverence of you



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