The Valentines Trilogy – 3

Am seated on this grass, feeling fresh, smelling fresh
In my hands, two bars of chocolate, a bunch of flowers and a bottle of wine
My bluetooth speaker plays ‘Endless Love’
For today’s nothing but love

I pour her a glass
Of the sweet red, rhyming her lips
After the stir and sip she beeps
And graciously smiles to warm my soul

My smile echoes her’s
We chuckle
I blink
She pouts in fervour
Our hearts beat in unison
As if in a mission
To rekindle the long lost love

I move closer
She remains still
Frozen for the moment
Hearts beat faster
I reach for the kiss
Rough wall

Am licking a worn out wall
One engraved with numbers
14 – 2 – 2007 to be precise
I fall head down onto the grass
Chewing the scrapped white paint
And enjoying every bit of it

It’s ten years now
And no soul can fill the void
The permanent hole you left
But you sleep under this mesh now
This beautiful green grass
With a wall pillar mounted on your bed
Happy Valentine’s my love
Death can’t do us part



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