The Valentines Trilogy – 2

If I said love you like a cow’s first sight of hay
The earth would stop and lillies wouldn’t sway
If I said my love to you was like amaranth
Gracing the autumn with a carpeted red bliss
Then you would only be relevant in the season
Biennial, short lived for a reason
But in my heart you are as perrenial as the grass
No fancy flowers, no colored petals
But constant, in and out of season
Blooming when I water you best

As I celebrate this day with you
With spasms of joy and with glee like a young boy
With laughter crowning our night
And stories serenading our previous fights
With the sight of you, all nothing but beauty
Of moments with you, all but the dusk masking the city
With it’s beautiful sunset rays
So you are to me, full of beauty and love
I love you to the moon and back

#SilomaThePoet #TheValentinesTrilogy



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