To Hell And Back

I have been through the wordly hell
Through the furnace of tribulation
And the crucible of scorching heat
Life has not spared me its bitterness
And neither has fate, never abated
But here I am, whole again, better placed

So I made friends in hell
Friends who helped me climb the pit
I saw many, burning to death
Others awaiting eternal damnation
I saw horrific sightings of pain
Broken hearts and bereaved souls
And many others with noose on their necks

But here I am glorifying myself
Reminding the friends in hell
That one day it is going to get better
Here I am with my testimony as loud
And this triumph that makes me proud
The questions I forget to ask myself is
‘How am I improving the lives of my friends in Hell?’
‘Is my testimony glorifying my own strengths?’
‘Am I out of the worldy hell to prepare my dive into the eternal hell?’



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