Your Timing Not Mine

How many times have I questioned you?
‘When? How long? Can’t you see?’
How many times have I doubted you?
‘Are you really God? Can you really do it?’
And how many times have I disobeyed you?
Sinning just because my life is stagnant?

With my human mind I thought less of you
Maybe there are specific hurdles I need to pray for
But others would be too hard for you
With my treacherous heart I have deceived
I have denied the very reason of your existence
I have belittled you in my little knowledge
Thinking maybe this Christianity thing is a hoax

I sought your face but I never found you
I fasted and prayed so that you can reveal yourself to me
I thought that my suffering had reached the brim
And it was time for you to do something
Forgetting that am at no capacity to command you

Now that am maturely grown in faith
Now that am a bit further in my spiritual journey
I can testify that everything works together for good
And you alone sets the time not me
It is always your timing, not mine



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