The Girl in The Bus – Part 1

Am seated in a bus
One wailing its way in diarrhoea
As it journeys its way outside Nairobi
Beside me, a beauty
Her face reminds me of someone I loved
As she sat our faces met
There was this split-second’s moment
As a wave of bliss culminated the sight
My heart throbbed and still is
Could she be the one?

‪#‎TeamMafisi‬ can attest
That no hunt should go ungathered
I have no words to say to her
Tongue-tied and zipped I am
A friend once advised
That we should pay our fares first
And then strike the nerve
Am I wasting a chance here?

Love sex and relationships the series
Runs through my mind
‘Rush towards the Master
Pursuing your mission
And if someone catches up
Do not fail to introduce yourself’
She is a total stranger
Her whereabouts, Greek to me
Should I introduce myself?





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