I was not cuddled as a toddler
Never had the latest of brickgames and Rubik’s Cube
I never knew what it is to own the latest Nintendo or Wii
But I had my tin made bus
Made by one, Leposo my mechanic

I never knew of the splash water wild
With changing rooms and towels
But in the river, I dived at ‘muguru’
And the morans will take our clothes, enjoying our wails and cries
It was not gay to floss with our whistles
Of whose is bigger and can piss longest
I wasn’t protected like an egg, tethered around the watch of parents
But I walked miles away like a stray donkey
And mercilessly thrashed when back home

I never knew what it is to have a heavy breakfast
The bread, jam or peanut
But the previous day’s ugali was the tastiest
Through its hard crust tore my tongue
I understood what salad was in my campus years
And the language of the city ruined me

Here I am, all grown up
Bold, strong and loving the Lord
For the good and perfect gift
He has bestowed unto me.



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