Teach Me How To Live With Others

God, am not good to others
Though I share in their laughter
I love them, but that doesn’t matter
Because I cannot be vulnerable to them
I may share in their pain
I may be with them in their troubled times
But not give them the broken fragments
That pierce through my soul
I let pride and anger rule over me
As they cross my paths
I let scorn and hate murmur my lips
As I see their imperfect selves
Rush to sin, taking Jesus back to the cross
I expect them to be infinite and perfect
I expect them to suit my needs
But am not willing to suit theirs
You taught me not to have anything
To do with their fruitless deeds
And some I phased away
I distanced myself from their queer ways
And ill talk
But with my weak self and fallen nature
I show them that they are evil people
A people in need of a savior
But am not willing to show them to you
God, teach me to love and care
Teach me how to teach others about you
Give me a heart willing to know you
And a soul that yearns to learn from you
Teach me not to yoke myself to sin
So that sinners would not yoke themselves to me
Teach me not to be proud or quick to anger
But instead give me a harmonious life
One that pleases and honors you
Not because you will answer my prayers
But because of your sovereignity and power



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