One Day, Just One Day

I wish to overcome the hurdles
That sway me away from the saddle
I wish to triumph over the taunts
That makes me feel a lesser person
I wish to stop being poor
For a beggar I have been
Questioned, “When will you be?”

One day my left tear will cease
For He said, “It is finished”
One day ridicule will cool
And haunting heckles will halt
I will one day walk heads high
As my debtors stand in awe
Having paid all their dues

One day I will feel more of a person
One day I will own that mansion
One day I will be out of this session
That my enemies cease not to mention
Happiness and high self-esteem will surround me
Concentrating me into eternal peace and joy

One day, just one day
He will wipe all my tears
He will calm all disaster
He will make my enemies my footstool
He will pay all my debts
And I will be set free
Though this is mere talk and jabber to most
Though it might not seem like it now
But one day, just one day
Tongues will testify of how great
My God is