When I Die

When I finally give up the ghost
Do not tell people of how I achieved most
How I struggled to the tooth to garner the best
Do not praise my life on earth
How I walked in the counsel of the wise
And how devoted I was to inspiration

Do not speak to the masses about my success
Do not say of how I died a hero
While maybe inside, I died a loser
A broken soul with shattered dreams
Well, should my life inspire you, pursue yours, be greater than me
Won’t you feel guilty, carefully narrating my life well-lived?
While you were the villain during my life on earth?

Live in my live, walk in the torn shoes I wear
Eat the breadcrumbs that fall off my life’s table
Help me wipe the last drop of tear that rolls down my cheek
Then you can vividly explain my life on earth
Not in my funeral because you wouldn’t be too strong to talk about it
But in avenues where my story will make sense and inspire others