I Used to Be Proud

I used to be proud
Wait… Who confesses that?
I used to think more of myself
That others came last
I was self-seeking and greedy
Willing to do anything at all costs
So long as I do not dethrone myself

My throne was prime and precious
Bigger and better than God’s
It was all about my wealth, my hangouts
And my looks
It was about my friends, my social life
And my space
Anyone who never matched that was
Either unfit or a non fitting jigsaw

I was my own God through seeking one
My possessions took precedence
Though I wanted Him front
I was humbled
He showed me the cornerstone I rejected
He illuminated the paths I ignored
And the souls I cast away
He plugged in everything for His good
And here I am with nothing material to boast of
But everything spiritual to be glad of