Why I Love Being Single

I love being the lone pole
Bereft of love and nothing to laugh
I love the company of the offroad dust
And the tangled mesh
The sound of crickets
And the massage from ants
Completes me
Making me bold, the pillar to which
Supports the ecosystem

I know of no drama
No checkpoints to make
To validate my presence
How I sleep knowing
No soul cheats on me
Is refreshing, bringing peace
And sanity in a crazy world

How I fear not judgement
How I wave off desperation
With the classical jazz and the moving waltz
How happy I get
Going to a date alone
And not wondering of whether
My date is entertained or not

Damn I cannot stand someone barking at me
Or the intrusion of my peace
I am too mean to be vulnerable
To let me be a burden to a fellow
And get the heartbreak that leaves you hollow

I can say I am mean with myself
And so long as that works for me
You have no business poking your nose
Into my personal affairs
Keep flirting, do not quit
For you aint certain of my turning point