My Light

I don’t know how my light shines
I don’t know if my voice soothes or whines
I don’t know if my 2016 gave me a sign
That my 2017 will be curvy or in line
But all I know is that am not on my own
Because he took my ills and made them His own
Because he is with me though I think am all alone

My light was brighter last year and will be brighter today
My voice was audible last year and I still have a say
His mercies will endure either in December or May
And He will never let me go astray
Am yoked to Him, the one who shines my way
And Him who needs me to watch and pray
What negative do I have to testify
When even when I fall short, he doesn’t depart but stay
If He is for me, who will throw my flashlight away