Poetry Completes Me

My sun refuses to rise at times
And my moon sinks deep into the oblivion
The stars shy off from their glimmer
Paving way to this devouring darkness
That sucks me into an untold void

Despair chews my tunic
As fear grabs my feet
Uncertainty and brokenness jeer at a distance
Convincing me that there’s nothing good
That can come out of me
That is when I grab my parchment,
Winnow off the dust
And ink my soul out

When the rough winds blow
And the hungry wolves howl
The love for art protects me
When the scorching sun dehydrates
And the empty stomach growls
My starving soul mauls
Onto every piece of art at heart
When the angry billows rage
And the turbulent whirlwinds roll
I write my fears and anxieties down
Because poetry shelters me
Poetry completes me