Mother’s Day?

Mama, Do I need a specific day?
To pamper you with thanksgiving?
Do I need a fraction 1/365?
To define my love in 24 hrs?
Do I need to follow suit?
Because Google Doodles did?

Mama, for the sweetest childhood
For the times I cried and my faith died
For the down and happiest times
For the corrections in my silly ways
For the times I rolled in mud and went wild
For the times I puked on your beautiful clothing
For the times you sang and I felt warm
For the games we played and the laughter we made
For the times you laid sick
And I wept for the week
I surely need not a day
To encapsulate my love and thanksgiving
In short mum
My love to you is more than a day
And each day will be a mother’s day to you