I Still Love You

No matter much how we hide our past
How we plow and bury it beneath the dust
No matter how we show we have nothing left
No ounce of love or affection for each other
The truth is always buried in our souls

No matter how we think we may have moved on
With our egos prime, caressing our characters
No matter how many we may date
In order to trample on our resolved past
It always comes back to what the heart yearns

Two souls deprived of best moments
Cry out behind our fake selves
Two hearts yearning for best moments
Are saddened by the resistance within us
Because of more reasons of fault between us

Questions arise, will it work? Is it real?
Or worse, am I the best for him/her?
Is it really happening?
There is more uncertainty and reason
To bar us from being

Life, as winding as it is
Love as queer it may be, feels no shame
Best moments spent are factual
But speculations are not
In as much as we are unsure of love
And there’s much reason to hinder us from being
I still love you

Every day passes not
Without a thought of you, without a memory of us
But since in every way we have erected
Poisonous fences of reasons and speculations
Each of us takes their path