Love Your Enemies?

Sunday, 31st December 2017, 12.45pm

Anger is what I feel when they jeer at me
Resentment takes the best of me
When they torture my soul and rip my heart

Revenge fills up the void in my heart
When they drain all the joy that graced it
I kill them in my head
I wish them the worst from the bottom of my heart

But you say that I should love my enemies
How? Have you forgotten am human?
How can I love someone who hates me?
Someone who plots to wipe me from the face of the earth?

Pray for those who persecute you?
Lord are you serious?
Should I pray for a tyrant who abuses and tortures me?
Should I pray for one who has taken the lives of my loved ones?

There’s no sacrifice greater
Than for one to lay down his life for his friends
The tyrant and me are no different
For we have sinned and fallen short
We deserve the same grace

But God am too jealous to love
Am too rigid to forgive
I pursue what my flesh wants
Forgeting that in it comes partial fulfillment

Father remind me of the spirit you gave me
Help me beat my flesh and live in my spirit
Dispel from my mind any carnal thought that lures me to sin
And constantly remind me that am not my own

#LettersToGod #004