Still Thankful

I have worked so hard in life
Perused through books of man
And dug through the book of life
Straight A’s I got
Of good character I have been
And laze never took the best of me

I had never gained worldly position in life
Not even a high school prefect
I was lowly despite my brilliance
And never got any attention when I talked
I was the amphibian in a shell
That people never noticed if I exist

I had to be strong on my own
Not hunting in packs but alone
I never got a job
I never let my faith leak
Into the pleasures of the world

I toiled through life
With the jokers jeer
And the silly scorn
The ill got good jobs
And the evil had a lot

Now that am old
With misery untold
With a lowly job and cold
I still cling to Christ
For the much I have
For the peace in my heart
And the respect from others
Am still thankful



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