Sin is Expensive

I tabulated the cost of sinning
Against the cost of doing good
The cost of slander, hate and depravity
Against the cost of forgiveness, love and goodness
I had to buy drugs to get high
But get to my feet to talk to the most high
I had to influence and win friends
With the little coins that shouted in my pockets
Instead of being this spring that attracted them

Well, carrying baggages of unforgiveness and hate
Led to painful sores of regret and guilt
Cursing others in the name of God
Never brought me anywhere closer to Him
Saying am better off than those in church
Never made my short-lived joy last
Judging church leaders and playing God
Never gave me much wisdom to solve my petty conflicts
I had to buy new friends when I was done with the old ones
And drink over stuff when stressed

Since I found the light
I realized that everything was at my disposal
I never had to buy people off to win their loyalty
I needed not to carry baggages that will square me down
But I only had to cast them on someone
And He will take care of me
I needed not to judge others
Nor let their lives dictate mine
I needed not point a finger on God’s people
Because He told me to let Him judge His own
What then was I thinking, losing much
In buying sin?



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