Am Not Competing With Anyone

I maybe as skilled as you are
Well-dressed as you are
Doing the same business you do
Maybe share the same goals
But do you realize
That that doesn’t make us equal?

We may have the same strengths
Same preferences in life
And even have common dreams
But again, we are not the same

It’s human nature to keep up with one
Especially one whom you share much in common
It’s human nature to dislike being alone
In a path you once shared with someone
As many live the life of ‘We’

My dreams may change and you may cease to be
Part and parcel of my journey
Our dreams may be so much similar
But your upward growth translates not
To my retarded growth
Our common progress is not a stamp
To our future destinations
Just as a mortal’s life is not at equilibrium
So are our different walks in life
I move on, forward and at my own pace
So long as I don’t stop



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