I Was Not Born A Gentleman

I was not born a gentleman
Nor was I trained to be one
I was not apprenticed a warrior
To defend the queen in times of fear
I was simply not…

Thats why…

When it is cold and all we have is my coat
I am sorry I will not shield you first
Because I was not taught to come last

When we are walking or strolling
I will not grab your hand
Nor shield you like a crab in sand
Am not your personal body guard!

When entering a lift
Whether in drag or drift
No way you enter first
For am taught in Church
I shall be the head not the tail

I shall not call you bae
Nor any other words to sooth you by day
I shall not twist or shorten your name
But I will stick to my sweet culture
Of Wangari, Mweni and Naliaka
Or at a later time
Mama Mukono or Mama Nanii
For I love you in my heart
And my soul knows best
The world’s just a spectator



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