My Pillar

I play with you
Same way a child plays with its toys
I fully enjoy the new experience
Trying to understand the complexities
And new ways to explore you
Sadly, I rough you up and neglect you
As I become fed up of you
Fed up of your love
Fed up of church
Fed up of the boring Bible
And your many covenants and laws

Well, toys change and I replace you
With new ones that look advanced and complex
Forgetting that you created those who made my new toys

So I came back to enjoying moments with you
Because my new toys couldn’t satisfy my constant need
The constant need of infinite love, mercy and grace
The constant need of someone to forgive me, lead me and care for me
And a shoulder to cry and lean on

In my use of other toys I was angry, of bad character and weary
As the toy enjoyed most of my company but not me
And I never realized I was being played
I now realize that you are not even my toy
But a pillar to lean on



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