My Enemies, My Footstool

God, your ways I cannot fathom
Your Power I cannot explain
I mean, not so long
I was eating from the remains of my enemies
I was at the feet and mercy of my oppressors
I had to heed to their ways, acting on their command
I trembled when they trampled on the bare
And shook on the tone of their hoarse voices

But you,
God of the impossible
The ultimate, infinite and absolute God
Turned tables around
You bestowed me immense favor and power
For you foreknew and predestined me
For you held me into the arms of your love
And proclaimed
That neither shall I, your servant eat like the crows
Neither shall the mighty and powerful belittle me
For I am a someone in your kingdom

You reminded me that you alone knows the plans
And you made my enemies my footstool
Yet so little and powerless in the eyes of many
But they shook their heads in amazement
For the favor that illuminates in me
My praise to you will be eternal
And I will strive not to walk in the counsel of evil
For you always direct my paths
And order my steps
You are God of the impossible



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