Lord, Me Again

Sunday, 31st December 2017, 12.20pm

Lord, it’s me again on my knees
Constant with my wails and pleas
Vast than oceans and seas

Lord, it’s me again
Lost, wallowing in sin
Kindly don’t ask where I’ve been

Lord, it’s me again realizing my fault
After tightening myself to sin like a bolt
After yoking myself to the lost

Lord, its me again in tears
Weary of my troubles and fears
And doubting your presence ever near

Lord, what then is left of me
A treacherous soul, lost
Always sinning and crying to you?
What is left after the devil devours me?
Is it not the spirit that makes me not timid?
But gives me power, love and self-discipline?
Lord, teach me to fill you in my God-shaped hole

#LettersToGod #002



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