Let Me Think

Let me think about you, my love
Because that’s what best I can do
At this time so sad and rough
Let our past smother my brain
Amidst the angry drought and happy rain
Let my mind get lost into this sea
Of thoughts and moments you made
Let me smile when I remember you smile
Let me cry when I see you sad
And shy off when you made me feel dumb

The best memories I have are those of you
Though gone and lost into the oblivion
Though advised by friends to let you go
To move on from you who pierced my heart
All they say come from their lips
But all I think of are engravings in my soul
I cannot erase you
Not the bitter or sweets parts of our past
But all I can do is learn how to live with them
Get a lone abode, ransack my archives and smile
In my memories, you are still my love
But in reality, you are one who tore me to pieces



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