Let God Judge His People

‘Mary is a whore
The so-called praise and worship leader
Is morally depraved, filthy and full of murk.
Yet she is at the altar every Sunday
Crying to God and speaking in tongues
Why joke on God anyway?
God will strike her dead
Much the reason I never go to church
Lest I fall into the same pit as her.’

‘John is also a cheat
A thief, an unworthy piece of crap.
He is a perfect example of his pastor
Who feeds on poor believers’ kitty
In the name of offering, tithe and giving to God
What’s with these pastors anyway?
They are the true representation of the devil
And what’s with these blind people who follow them?
I say I rather be cold or hot but not lukewarm
There’s nothing as bad as playing with God
Let me stay cold, maybe God will redeem me
But I will not take my filth to church.’

‘Hey, you two!
Let’s get something straight here
So you think church is for the perfect?
Those without ill, complete and upright?
So why then did the apostles?
Move from place to place?
To evangelize, to reach people like you?
What is the church to you? The physical building?
Why should Mary’s life or John’s
Dictate whether you are going to have a relationship
With someone whom you know died for you?
Why should the pastor’s life justify your sin
Are you going to worship God or the pastor?
I see you are waiting for ‘your time’
Am sorry but no one knows the time
And who are you to judge God’s people?
The very same He created in His image and likeness?
Doesn’t the Bible say there is only one Lawgiver and Judge,
The one who is able to save and destroy
Who then are you to judge your neighbor?
Don’t play God, let Him judge His own people
Judge not and you will not be judged.’



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