Learnt The Hard Way

There are times I take you for granted
Well, I feel too tired to read that Bible
Or even say a word of prayer
Many a times I think am doing you a favor
With my prayer template and usual recitals
Mumbling of how great and lovely you are
Sometimes I think you need me more
And constantly forget that I never chose you

It is funny that I must read all conversations
On my social media platform
Before I get lousy to skim that chapter
It is sad that you will come after everything else
But I will go round testifying
How of a true and loving God you are
And how you come first in my life

It is then that I face the wrath
Of a jealous God, one who says
‘You shall not worship other gods’
It is then that the cane becomes so bitter
And I will get back to my knees, not apologizing
But wailing of the good I do to you
And the best you can do
Is to allow disaster to strike me

I have learnt your ways
I have learnt what to listen
I have learnt what to watch
I have learnt who to entertain
I have learnt what position you take
The hard way
Because am the clay
Taking form in your hands
And am in no position to ask
How clumsy you can be



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