Know That it Hated Me First

Should they summon smut to smother you
Or freckles to mask you with derision
Should they dig graves to entomb you
Or sharpen their machetes to slain you
That’s the normal course of the world
Know that it hated me first

Should you trample over set traps
And you stand accused of evil
Should they hate you, scorn and jeer
Should they catapult you to grime
I was succumbed to worse of the same
Because it hated me first

Should turmoil feel unending
Should dread restrain you from life
Should godless fools acquire the best
And the evil live so pleasantly and high
That’s just but a piece of coal
Because the real inferno heated me first

Have no worry over furious waves and winds
That sweep and flood over good
Have no distress over the patterns of life
For the sun must rise and fall
To pave way for new mercies
In all odd you see
Know that I saw it first but triumphed
Because the world was not my home



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