It is Not About Them

Beauty is not in the eyes of a beholder
It is simply on the subject
Beauty is not relative
But it’s opinion is relative to the subject
An eye sees dumb
While another sees creative
The beholder decides not
On what defines the subject
But what they see on the subject

You are not dumb because someone saw that in you
You are not unattractive because someone said so
Neither does someone stamp negative adjectives on you
And you take them in
It is not the beholder to decide your fate
Through their constant scorn and slate
What you see in yourself counts more
Than what others see in you
The position you place yourself
Matters than the slot they assigned you
You are what you KNOW you are!
But this should not be a reason
For self justification
There’s who justifies
And that is the absolute, sovereign, infinite being
Who is the almighty God



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