Is There Anything You Cannot Do?

Then Abram laughed, his face down
Struck with bewilderment and in awe
‘Lord, are you being sarcastic?’
‘How can a man my age get a son?’

Then I laughed, my eyes gazed at the sky
Firm in thought and speech
‘Lord, of course you are kidding.’
‘You cannot change my father,
A drunk who beats my mother.’
‘You can’t change my family,
With its scuffle and hate.’
‘My problems too big for you,
So let me handle them on my own.’

But Abram’s name changed to Abraham
And my name changed to ‘Your Son’
A single star Abram saw
But the stars in the sky Abraham you gave
A simple solution I saw
But every prayer to me you answered
Are there things you cannot do?
My fortress, my light and salvation
Is anything too big for you?
Thought I constantly doubt you?
Is there a stumbling block in your way?
The author and finisher of my faith?
Again, Is there anything you cannot do?



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