In The Eyes of Men

In the eyes of men
You will be a lowly
You will be treated as effluence
And trampled like snakes
You will be the fig that bears nothing
And the vine that produces bitter wine
As they love to put it, ‘You will be a no one!’

Mortals will work earnestly to condemn you
To kill the very last hope in you
And when you think you finally have one
Who will give you a listening ear
Who will ultimately not judge you
They may turn their backs on you
And there you will be, hopeless and shattered

So what if I told you of this one eye
That overlooks your weaknesses?
What if I told you there was no condemnation
For those who let this eye look upon them?
In the eyes of Lord Jesus, dreams become alive again
In the eyes of Christ, you are not a lowly
You are that conspicuous soul that strives to please
You need not have wealth or immense intellect
You need not dress to the nines or belong to a certain class
Nor do you need affirmation from other mortals
That you are worthy
All you need is Him in your heart
Fully subjecting to His will
Then along men of substance will show up in your life
Those who will rebuke you with love and help you grow
Because you did not lean on your own understanding
Nor on any man for help



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