If she wanted to call she would have
If she wanted to reply that text
She would have done in an instant
Because you matter to her

If she wanted to say those sweet words
And make that smile wide
If she wanted to sing you a song
And serenade you with her mellow voice
She simply would have

If she wanted to love you
And fully express her affection
If she wanted to go an extra mile for you
She would trudge through mountains
Bracing the harsh terrain and weather
But she doesn’t

And that’s why you lie there, a hopeless romantic
Awaiting her message
Awaiting her action
That’s why in despair you defend your loneliness
That you are man enough
And you need no opposite gender
To complete you

If she has no time for you
She creates hours for someone else
If in her head you are the last of passing clouds
If it is painful to feel ignored
Simply walk away
Do not knock on doors that hurt
Do not walk on coals that burn
You deserve the best
And trust enough that there is a door
Better enough that shuts not
And only you will have its keys



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