If Jesus Be The Center

If Jesus be my center
Then I worry not of my dark corners
If He be my core
My squeaky un-greased parts bother me not
If He be my cornerstone
Then am assured of my foundation

If Jesus is my Alpha and Omega
I am not worried of my financials
My health or loss of wealth
Nor the hate and discrouragement from my enemies
I remain firm, unshaken and bold

If Jesus becomes my first
Am not worried being last
I do not suffer inferiority complex
As I am yoked to good
To who is beyond any finite understanding

But have I made Him my center?
Does my alarm wake me up?
Does my notifications replace his voice?
Does my worldly plans procrastinate his sanctification?
Does my social media define my worth?
Do I want to prove my worth to man?
Do I walk in the counsel of evil?
And choose to be yoked to what is ill?
Do I chose what is noble, what is good and right?



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