I Want To Die

I want to die, fast
I want to rot in dirt
And do away with this mask
This mask of fake smiles
And the yearn to be first

I want to dive
To jump into the world yonder
Where beauty and wealth don’t matter
Where no wars and barriers enslave me
Where all is still and bliss
And silent and calm

But a deep feeling in my soul
Frowns and makes this call
A call to sanity
Not reminding me of the beauty there is
Not reminding me that I can be better than this
Not reminding me of my purpose and goal
But reminding me of who I am
A fighter
Who has braced more than a gladiator
Who has faced more torment than the devil

Now I do not want to die
But continue to fight with all my might
I no longer yearn for the land yonder
Where all is but howls and cricket sounds
I want to live my present with honor
By not dying like a coward
But by rising like a phoenix
I want triumph!




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