I Take You for Granted

How quick I reply to her message
And how fast I change my mind from reading your word are just the same
There is no thin line to how fast I get tired when it is time for your word
And how energetic I feel when a friend suggests a hangout
Am just a self-seeking being wanting all for myself

She will take precedence but you will not
I will fill my social feed with jokes but not with your word
My tongue will speak of my masterly and praise
And my walk will be proud and attention-seeking
I will deliberately sin and justify my evil acts
And gratify my own desires, making myself my own god

All these I have done knowingly and unknowingly
But through your unending grace
I need not sacrifice livestock to appease you
I need not wash myself seven times or perform any ritual for you to forgive me
God, search me, dig deep into my desires
Convict me and rebuke me of my acts
Help me strive to please you
Give me a willing heart
One that yearns to know and fellowship with you
Most of all, help me keep you first



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