I Never Made Myself

I always thought I got it all
As am responsible for my rise and fall
I always thought I directed my trajectory
And who and what influenced my life story
I was so full of myself
That I thought I only drew from my own shelf
I thought I dictated my life
And that in myself I could do all things

I credited my efforts to me
The unstoppable being
I thought I owned the air
And could chase a lion off its lair
I thought all my strengths and brilliance
Were made by me and for me

As soon as the wave hit
I was down on my feet
Crying, ‘My Lord why have you forsaken me?’
As soon as my house was on heat
I realized my couch was too hot to sit
And instantly it was revealed to me
That I never made myself
And so in both the calm and storm
His name is to be praised



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