I Fall Short

Though a Christian
One rich in knowledge of the scripture
One prominent with texts from the Bible
That bring a whole different view
Though one who strives to please
The LORD with all my heart
Through one who studies texts
And works to seek Him
Though striving to be perfect
I also fall short

I once defined Christians as poor beings
Poor, people with a lacking in life
And needed to fill it up with a deity
This is true
But the definition is not closed to Christians
But to all humans beings made of flesh
To all whose weak hearts yearn
To all whose frail thoughts are divisive
And hearts flow of the worldly
We are all poor with a lacking
And we all need control

We all fall short
Though I may seem to be a fine gem
A glimmering silver out of a crucible
A heart-warming gold out of a furnace
I also have my struggles and fails
Which I strive to beat with help
From He who strengthens me
The church is for you who is imperfect
You who considers yourself broken
You who feel unworthy
You who feel you don’t deserve
His unfailing love
But not for any soul who is complete
As no man is complete in himself



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