I am Soaked in Sin

God am soaked in sin
I fight battles and let the devil win
And he teaches me to be mean
I have lost reverence of you
I made filth of the pure white garment you clothed me
I am in service but I earnestly seek to disobey you
Like a wretched soul grabbing all attention from life

They say I compete with the Devil when I lead your people in worship
Or maybe am taking his place, can this explain the pride?
Am sorry attention shifted from you to me
As I gladly took credit of my sweet voice and my service
I do not know what’s with the place and sexual sin
Because the more I think I do you a big favor by leading worship
The more am drawn to fornication, the more this irresistible force pulls me
I am living in a cycle of sin and repentance
I am always asking that they do not know
So who am I serving? You? Or have I taken the Devil’s place?

God I don’t want to be among those who will say, ‘Father, Father!’
And be dismissed that you never knew me
I don’t want to have this notion that works count than deeds
I don’t want to be among those who will bring others to you
But have their souls burnt in eternal fire
I don’t want people to see good and your glory in me
While inside am this broken pot, useless and hopeless
Mold me into a better being, restructure me and make my service worthy of you
Am done with this cycle of sin and repentance
Am done with this uncontrollable urge to sin
All I want is to offer myself as a sacrifice to you
Because my body is your temple



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