I Am Purposed

Sometimes I wonder why I write
Maybe because I want to see the light
Or shine to men, trying to how bright
And how my respository is just but might
Though not of my major passions
I strive not to deprive inspiration
To the many souls that thirst for it

I try to decipher the ways of man
The heart that struggles to earn
The self that yearns for fans
And the soul that tries to learn
The patterns of the world

I walk around to try and quench
The great thirst of knowledge
I see the rich happy in their lives
And the poor wallowing in murk
The masterly of young artists amaze me
And the creativity of young minds baffle me
The reality that the most quiet posses wisdom
Takes me aback, leaving me in one resolution
That we all work like jigsaws
We all are required to output
So that another may take in
We are all purposed
To do great in life, but question remains
Have you started?




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